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About Got ERP?

Welcome to gotERP?
This is an online forum to share experiences, lessons and learning about the selection, implementation and return on investment for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. We also like to discuss Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) systems, Social CRM (SCRM) & social media, Manufacturing Systems, Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems and Payroll & HR Applications.


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about got ERP?

an independent review and comparison site of erp software applications is website, blog and aspiring business software technology meeting place intended to act as a central hub of enterprise software industry research, expert insight, peer advice and independent erp software reviews and comparisons among the five categories of enterprise resource planning software applications.

  • accounting software systems
  • customer relationship management (crm) systems and social crm (scrm) tools and applications
  • human resource (hr) and payroll systems
  • distribution and supply chain management (scm) systems
  • manufacturing software systems

tom forestell is the top blogger on this Site, however, other guest bloggers and a few of tom's colleauges contribute blog posts as well. we appreciate comments and inqueries which provide new perspectives and assist our learning. we also apprciate honest and candid feedback to all of this website's content.




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